“Too Much Pride”

I let you go but I’m the one hurting inside

Too much pride

Too much pride to call you (even though I’m dying to)

Too much pride to cry

Too much pride so I deny that I love you

Too much pride, so I lie, and say I don’t care about you

Too much pride for you to catch me staring at you

so, I have you tattooed inside my mind

Too much pride for you to think you’re special to me, so I tell you you’re worthless

Too much pride, so I tell you your tears are meaningless

Too much pride, so I walk away when you speak

Too much pride…

Well, the jokes on me.

-Erika Fuego



54 thoughts on ““Too Much Pride”

  1. you re so fucking hot , I just watched you singing Adele s song, I really dont know why hot girls should always have a broken heart, I genuinely fancy you if you are anywhere in Europe just let me know, I d kill to stare in your eyes and tell you “I fancy you”

  2. “Love ” gets better, as we ‘know’ better, as It’s meaning grows from many shades to reciprocated love. But there are some tattoos that we are unable to remove.

  3. a very true depiction of pride. i know some people who have been destroyed by it and some who have been saved by it. I agree with the comment above that it is a gift and a curse. how does that pain in the backside cliche go – everything in moderation:)

  4. Well, done.. was a nice read..
    My case would be the bitterness..

    In bitterness I let him suffer..
    Mr. Mo asks me if we are seeing again..
    in Bitterness I remain silence
    And I say ( well, just in my head)..
    Now you know how it feels like to be ignored..
    serves you right..

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