I feel this rage

pent up

locked up

and stored deep within

shaking and shifting

jerking and moving around within me

an uncontrollable wrath

a repressed frustration

a repetitious tantrum

a silent scream

unspoken words

empty thoughts



just another day.

another night of loneliness

wasted tears and mascara stain my pillow case

my heart slowly cracks

like an iceberg

not down the middle

not in two

but into a thousand tiny pieces


a reminder of meaningless existence

filled with mirrors and imperfections

I once heard that imperfections are beautiful

I think that’s bullshit

but then again

my downfall

my hubris


barley living

among all the beautiful people

in such a fucked up little world

– Erika Fuego



47 thoughts on “(Nothing)

  1. i have lived this piece – word for word and still do. you have certainly captured the emotion and ‘sucky’ feelings. it is always a gift to find a writer who can place one’s feelings into words.

  2. H!, The beauty of your temple–is my dream for today–the fire in your eyes–is like a Galaxy of Stars–that turns the darkness of night–to the light of day–the taste of your lips–is like the sweetness of candy–the movement of your body–is like a gentle breeze–that flows in the darkness of night–that gently lays–on the crest of the moon–with a passion of love–a gift from God–for the rest of your life.
    “Honest You Will.

  3. I’ve been reading through your poetry and your work is intense. Every word is intense, potent, and essential in encapsulating the essence of the topic. I look forward to reading more in the future!

    • wow, thank you so much. I really am flattered and inspired to write more. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and for the feedback. It means the world to me.

      With love,


  4. A great piece Erika. It’s strange how when we are at our darkest we believe that everyone else is better, more beautiful, happier etc. Yet scratch the surface of this fucked up little world and we find multitudes of fellow sufferers all trying to hide away.

  5. All simply written words are so powerful. As I read each word , I feel a throbbing pain getting only deeper..
    The loneliness that I live with too
    Nobodies that I have too
    Thanks for showing how I feel
    By vocalizing how you feel

  6. You write with such a passion and so much emotion! Your poem moved me within also, but know you there are many who love you, and are so blessed by what you always share….a blanket of hugs and blessings to you Erika!

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