I’m From a Dream


 I’m from big hair and tie die.

I’m from cut up t-shirts and tights.

I’m from earrings that don’t match and a second chance.

I’m from air supply and Pat Benitar.

I’m from ACDC and the strings on the beatles guitar.

I’m from disco balls and smoking cigs in the school halls.

I’m from grease and dirty dancing.

I’m from cut up jeans and histericly laughing.

From my baby love and afro puffs

to puffing the magic dragon and Scott Heron.

I’m from the moon but only when it’s full,

and when ninth grade was still middle school.

I’m from peace signs and birth control pills.

John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King & time stood still.

I’m from “groovy” and “far out”,

When the make up was heavy and the music was loud.

From Led Zeplin to sexual healing,

I am another generation,

another time, another day,

spent daydreaming.

-Erika Fuego

61 thoughts on “I’m From a Dream

  1. Hey, Goddess Erika!

    This absolutely rocks! Thanks for visiting and appreciating “Unremitting Faith for the Fearless” at my blog, Be Whole Now. I honor your courage in digging deep and expressing all your difference shades of life. Keep Writing, Keep Dancing, Keep Shining! Blessings…

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