Coming Down Off You


One hit was all it took; you’ve got me hooked

And how could I resist once I know how it feels to feel like this?

All week I walk but tonight I fly

Higher and higher every time

My eyes rolling back, my jaw shakes, my body’s cold

I lost myself for a few moments

& may have misplaced my soul…

I think you may have it

Or maybe it was lost in the music

Overwhelmingly infatuated

My pupils’ dilated

These lights are bright but these corners are dark

You walked in the room and captured my heart

Take it, break it, do what you want

You seem just as love struck, what are you on?

Has my spell hit you yet?

Grab a lollipop, here’s a cigarette

I know your drifting in and out but you won’t forget

Come sit with me; let me massage your chest

Whisper in your ear, kiss on your neck

Touch you all over; blown up by my caress

Things are a bit hazy but your beauty is radiant

I may be a bit numb but your lust is a stimulant

So, stimulate my senses

I may OD but ill take my chances

The vibe enhances

The temperature rises


Lose yourself in feeling

All your lies are worth believing

Tell me your secrets, if you’re willing

Your expressions are interesting

Your way is intriguing

Tell me more, I’m listening

Can’t seem to get enough

Coming down on your love

I let you take advantage

Make your move, do your damage

Take me home

I’ll let you have it

-Erika Fuego


71 thoughts on “Coming Down Off You

  1. Really like your style! Really beautiful poem. Thanks for the follow! I’ll look forward to reading more of your material!

  2. Whoa….
    my expectations were of the untold
    I can’t take flight without wings so I dove
    My emotions are not for sale, but i’m sold
    like poker I’d bluff in public, but in private I’ll fold
    In you I see the danger of letting myself go
    So I put it in 1 line on a table hope you enjoy the blow….
    Enjoyed this poem a lot even had to throw some lines of my own

    Great piece!!!

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