I fell for you


You made me fall for you with no intentions of catching me.

I fell hard, with no physical markings

but the bruising and internal bleeding don’t seem to seize.

Unfortunately, there is no cast for a broken heart.

They say time mends everything,

but Time only numbs the pain,

it never fully heals it.

Time helps you forget but it doesn’t have the ability to completely erase.

You saw me fall. . .

I hit the ground like If I fell from a building that was fifty floors high.

You didn’t even try to stop me.

You heard me scream

and you saw me cry.

Not once did you dry my tears.

You muted my screams and continued to live your life like I never fell.

You never said a word to me,

and I would have preferred you to offend me,

than to ignore me, because silence hurts more than anything.

My mind fell for your words,

my heart stopped for your love,

my spirit died because of your indifference,

and my body walks around with no existence.

You wanted to be my everything and now I’m left with nothing.

I fell for you and you never even attempted to catch me.

-Erika Fuego

13 thoughts on “I fell for you

  1. Exquisite, Erika! I haven’t had time to explore all your poetry, but based on this poem alone, I now gladly “follow” you and your writings. Thanks so much for following my “Randa Lane — Haiku and More” blog. I hope you will enjoy my haiku as much as I am beginning my journey of joy with your poetry.

    Warmest Respect and Admiration,


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