I am Enough.

Can you love me?

Can you make me feel beautiful?

Can you hold me?

Can you cuddle with me?

Can you make me feel worthy, special, wanted and loved?

I want to fall in love.

I want to love & be loved.

blah, blah, blah…

Screw that.

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The last time I saw her she was distant. She was different. As if she suspected what we all didn’t. We thought she’d be around forever until she wasn’t. Her last breath ended her sadness, and with it brought on our suffering. Suddenly, missing her smothering. Missing her mothering. Her nurturing. Her laughing, her crying, her nagging, her cooking, her loving. Uncovering my selfishness, discovering my carelessness, wondering how I could have been so heartless. How could I of taken her for granted? Continue reading

How’d you do it mom?


Another day another dollar, oddly enough your bank accounts keep getting smaller.

Your dreams feel further. Your ambitions weaker.

So you have to work harder but your bills are getting larger, your kids are getting bigger, and life’s just not what you envisioned.

It’s so hard isn’t?

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The Broken Girl


The Broken Girl

She felt an emptiness. A Brokenness. A feeling of incompleteness. She always did. Ever since she was a little girl she felt trapped. She saw the world & it seemed so vast, so cold that she wanted nothing more than to not be a part of it. Even at such a young age she understood that there was so much more to life than this. Continue reading

Who You Are: A Message To All Women

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God doesn’t punish but I do suffer when I continue to relive the same experiences. If I re-choose the circumstances that damage me, I face consequences but that is of my own doing due to the choices I make and the realities I’m pursuing. God does not have an agenda or rules for me to follow; he gave birth to my life and the free will to decide how I want to live.

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