Me singing Adele- Someone Like You

You were my greatest love and no matter how many times i sing this song, I know i will never find another like you. Sorry, i couldn’t hold back the tears.
I miss you and I love you.
I always will.

A Broken Heart and a Shattered Soul


An intruder,

An invasion of my privacy.

Tearing apart my heart,

And taking each part of me.

Forcing yourself into my mind,

As I try so hard to keep you out.

My teeth grind so I can keep myself from screaming aloud.

My eyes water and my body begins to sweat.

Why do you insist on making me remember, what I try so hard to forget?

I force myself to leave you in the past,

but you continuously appear in my present.

Occupied way too much time of mine, to simply forget it.

So I hold my breath till I feel my brain will explode, but no benefit.

My heart still goes against what my mind has been repeatedly told.

So, I continue to love you,

even if it tears apart my heart,

and shatters my soul. -Erika Fuego