21 Day Slim Down Halloween Challenge

Halloween is officially 21 days away and that means bring on the sexy costumes! At least here, in Miami, we know the streets will be filled with sexy bumble bees, cops and school girls. And that’s the fun part! It is that one day a year we could be whatever and whoever we want and for most of us women that will be the sexy version of something! Lol!

So are you Halloween ready?

If not, do not fear! That’s why we’ve created this 21 Day (get your sexy ready) Challenge. If you’re already into fitness, you might find this challenge quite easy to complete but if you have been struggling with losing weight, fitting exercise into your busy life or you just keep putting off the diet until Monday which turns into next Monday that never comes around then this will be the push you need because I think a lot of us do that so this way we are all held accountable and can push and motivate each other.

Even If, you don’t want to lose weight, you just want to be healthier and more active this will be the perfect 21 Day Program to get you started on your new healthy habits & lifestyle. Research shows it takes 21 days to form a habit. So let’s use this program to change our lives for the better. Let’s say you want to read more, exercise more, drink more water, curse less, etc etc this will be a great opportunity for you to join in the 21 day countdown to acquire what you wish to create as a habit. The important part is not to take on too much too soon. That will discourage you from sticking to your goal. So keep it simple.

The beauty of this plan – which I think makes it so great for everyone – is that it is not especially hard, time consuming, or complicated. You can complete the challenge by simply being mindful of your food and stepping outside of your house to go for a walk. Either way, it does not require equipment or a gym membership so no excuses!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer but I have lost 100 pounds so I know what works & I am sharing what I did with you.

Okay so here is how it’s going to go:

Step 1: If you lack will power, throw away any junk food you have in your kitchen. Okay, the Oreos may of cost you $4 and the Cheetos another $3 but nothing tastes as good as looking good so throw them out! You’ll thank me later.

Step 2: Make a grocery list and go to the market! I want you to go to the produce section and get 60% of your groceries there. Here is a tip: Whatever is made in a factory is not good for you.

Step 3: A prepared person has a much higher chance to succeed. So try to prep your meals. Know what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Pack your lunch the day before. Always be prepared so when someone says “I’m going to order Chinese, do you want something?” Your answer is no because you have your lunch already.  Tip: Take protein powder and a portable blender to work with you so you always have a backup plan. Here is the blender I have at work. It’s cheap and works great.

Step 4: Your plates must consist of 1/4th protein, 1/4th quality carbs and ½ your plate must be vegetables.

Vegetables are packed with fiber and essential vitamins and minerals so it’s very important to eat your veggies. I suggest cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, and spinach. I can show you great tasting ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet. Your carbs should be high quality meaning not white rice, white starchy potatoes or pasta. Instead opt for a sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa. Tip: The veggies could be sauteed in a little butter, garlic, salt & pepper so give them flavor and make them enjoyable.

Step 5: You are required to complete some kind of exercise, workout, or physical activity every single day. This ensures that your energy levels stay high and creates a habit of being more active. So every single day you have to do at least 30 mins of cardio. You could ride bike, power walk, skate, swim, or jog. If you already do 30 mins kick it up to 45 or 60 mins and if you are up for it do some strength training either with weights or your own body such as jumping jacks, planks, squats, sit ups, push ups etc. Tip: Pack a bag with gym clothes and sneakers and take it with you to work. Go straight to the gym after work or change at work and go for a walk at a park near by. The hardest part is putting on your clothes. Don’t overthink it like Nike says… Just do it!

Step 6: No snacking. Have instead 2 or 3 meals a day. When you eat your body will use the food as fuel and will burn the food instead of the fat stored in your body. Every time you eat your body produces insulin. I am huge on intermediate fasting and research shows that it is an effective method to achieve weight loss.

Step 7: Add green tea! Have a least 2 cups of green tea a day. The more the better. There a several proven benefits of green tea. Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Green tea boosts the metabolic rate and several studies show that green tea leads to a decrease in body fat especially in the abdominal area.

Step 8: No sugar!!! So important guys! No sugar and that means brown sugar too. Your body will always burn sugar before fat so when you go long periods of time without sugar your body goes into ketosis and uses the fat stored in your body as its fuel source. This not only means sugar in your tea or coffee. Rice, pasta and bread all break down as sugar in the body so avoid carbs and opt for sugar free instead. Do not use sugar alcohols like splenda or sweet and low because numerous studies have proven that they are terrible for our bodies and even cause cancer. Instead use Stevia or Truvia.  Tip: Look at the amount of sugar in your salad dressing, pasta sauce, yogurts etc. Always get the one with the least amount of sugar.

Step 9: Organic food! Did you know that every time you eat GMO filled food your insulin levels spike up by 250%? That is insane! GMO food is not real food. It is a chemical that leaves you with no real nutrients and does not fill you up. Avoid fast food, buffets, and packaged food that is not GMO free as it will spike up your insulin levels and back track you by at least 3 days. Please try to eat organic food. Especially milk, eggs, wheat, and chicken. The amount of chemicals in non organic food will severely hinder your progress and overtime will make you very sick.

Step 10: Do not eat past 8pm. Well I have 99 problems and me starving at 11pm is basically all of them.  Ahh! Did you know you can burn up to 600 calories while you sleep? That is an hour long walk! So you decide whether you want to burn the food you ate at 11pm or the fat in your body while you sleep.  When you go to bed on an empty stomach your body gets to burn fat while you sleep. When you wake up, you look leaner and your stomach is flatter. Tips: After 8pm brush your teeth to decrease appetite. If that fails drink 2 glasses of water or a cup of tea instead of snacking.

Step 11: Switch a meal for a protein shake. You’ll get the energy, nutrients and protein you need and you’ll feel satisfied without the extra calories. Whether you drink your shake for breakfast, lunch or dinner is up to you. Please be sure to use a high quality protein shake. I prefer Vega Protein & Greens. It is organic and packed with vitamins and protein. You could get yours at Walmart or Publix.

Step 12: Be more active! Don’t look for the closest parking spot to the entrance. Park further away! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take your dog on a walk even for 10 minutes. At work, take a breather and walk around the office a few times or even the building if you can. If you have to go to the store and it’s a 5 minute drive why don’t you walk instead? Get some fresh air. Try to get in as many steps as possible. Did you know the American Heart Association suggests you walk 10,000 steps a day? On average, if you have a job where you sit and you don’t do any physical activity you will barely get 4,000 steps a day. That is terrible for our bodies. Become more active and you will not only lose weight but you will have more energy too! Tip: Get a step counter or fitness tracker to become aware of how many steps you take a day and motivate yourself to reach 10,000.

Step 13: Waist Train! If you want to shed inches off your waist, create an hourglass shape, tighten your abdominal area and loose skin then buy a waist trainer or a body shaper. As long as your midsection is compressed it will do the job.  There are countless women who have waist trained and seen real results. Waist Training will not only mold your shape but it is a great weight loss tool as well. The stomach compression will decrease your appetite and help you feel full 30% faster so no more overeating. You should wear your shapewear 5 to 8 hours a day for maximum results. So just throw it on with your outfit in the morning and you will slim down and look damn good while doing it! Here is the waist trainer I use everyday.

Step 14: No alcohol. Ok guys so I know this one is a bummer but the amount of carbs beer has or amount of sugar wine has will definitely stop you from losing weight. Just for 21 days try to go without alcohol. If you are at a gathering or party and cannot refuse then go for tequila or vodka with cranberry but please try to limit the amount.

Step 15: No sweets! If you are absolutely craving chocolate or something sweet you have 3 choices. 1. Get an Atkins bar or Atkins treat because it has no sugar and low carbs. 2. Eat a yogurt that is low in sugar with some granola or sugar free chocolate chips. 3. Get some strawberries and dip them in Truvia.  Tip: If you go to a party or a dinner and you are too tempted to say no then have only a bite or two.

So that’s it guys. Pretty simple right?

In just 3 short weeks you will be slimmer, healthier and much more energetic. Not to mention you will be Halloween ready and will look amazing no matter what you decide to dress up as.

Stay connected with me. If you are having a weak moment or lacking motivation reach out to me and I will support you! Join our support group Fuego Curves Dolls on Facebook. It is a closed group but open to anyone that is into health. Feel free to add anyone else doing the challenge with you or anyone who is on their own weight loss journey. Let’s stay motivated and get through the 21 days together.

The first 15 women who opt in the challenge will be entered for a chance to win a free waist trainer or bodysuit. Just add us on social media, join the facebook group and comment “I’m in” below to join.

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With Love,



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The Human Race.


I am but a human

Living in my humanness

Worried about my gas, my rent and cigarettes.

I am only a human

Living in my human ways

Working 9-5 day after day with no significant change.

I am a simple human

Living amongst the human race

Worried about my weight and the wrinkles on my face.

I am only a human

Existing through my human phase

Who only worries about tomorrow and can’t wait to finish the day.

I am but a mere human who awakens by the buzzing of my alarm clock

Late to work again

Rushing past the strangers on the sidewalk.

I am only a human that throws wrappers out of my window to keep my car clean.

A human who is enslaved to always wanting, always needing and can’t find relief.

A human who’s always reaching, always thinking but cannot simply be.

Just a human with suppressed pain and suffering that cannot be released.

I am but a mere human trapped in my humaneness, yearning for success.

Concerned with what lies ahead but not with the present.

I am only a human who answers when my cell phone rings.

An ordinary human who wishes for the finer things.

Another human, who can’t spare change for the beggar on the street

because my money belongs to me.

A mere human that never has enough time, love or money.

Glued to a laptop and television screen.

I am but a mere human, saving up for plastic surgery.

Just a human with a wine bottle that’s half empty.

Unhappy and unhealthy.

I look into the mirror and a human is what I see.

& I guess I’m doing just fine, although my soul is on its knees.

But I’m just a mere human so I’ll keep living in my human ways, existing in my human phase.

I’m sure this is what God intended when he created the human race.

– Erika Fuego


A Day at the Park

A day at the park

And we talked for 8 hours straight

A day at the park and I couldn’t take the smile off my face

A day spent by his side

And I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much

A day looking into his eyes and couldn’t help but see a spark

A day in his company

And I felt happy, for the first time in a long time

A day at his side

And I never felt more alive

It was just a day in the park

But I can’t get it out of my head

It was just a few hours with a friend

But I can’t pretend I didn’t feel it might be the beginning of something.

But I must have been wrong because after our day in the park, I never heard from him much.

So much for thinking, it may have been love.

-Erika Fuego


A Broken Girls Prayer

I don’t know your name, your age, your race or the dimensions of your face.

 I’m not sure whether you’re a man, a woman, the wind or energy.

I don’t know if you run as deep as the sea or if you’re as small as a seed.

I’m not sure where you are but I feel you within me.

Because every time the wind blows I feel you caress me.

At night when I feel alone,

I look up at the moon and see light shimmer and I know it’s you.

And sometimes, I can even hear you in my head.

And that’s when I know, God is everything.


-Erika Fuego