Make Love

 I want to sink into you & make your body my home.

You fit perfectly inside me, as if it were where you belong.

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 Many people are attractive but not too many people are sexy. I wear my sex appeal in my dark red lipstick, my femininity with a bat of my eyelashes, my sensuality with the coming together and parting of my lips. You see my sexuality in the sway in my strut, the softness in my touch, the song in my voice and the perfume in my skin. It’s a confidence, a personality; it’s a way of being.– Erika Fuego

All of him

All of him

All of him

She watched him as he lied there. She couldn’t help but imagine how good it would feel if she lied her body over his. Her softness against his hardness. Her heart against his. Racing, jumping, throbbing, aching… about to explode. Continue reading