Forever O’clock?

You said you’d love me forever

but it’s 8:26 on an empty Tuesday night and forever seems to have flown by.

You said without my love you’d die.

But there you are living, breathing, smiling… Still alive.

So then what is that forever you described?

Was it wishful thinking or a lie?

Do you say things like that all the time?

You said you’d fight for us.

That you would change what ever you must.

But you never did change much.

You never really tried enough.

Not even the smallest of my requests were granted.

I guess you were to busy to handle it.

You wanted me so bad but you were so quick to forfeit fight.

Did you ever even really try to make things right?

I stayed and asked you to make changes…

You didn’t.

I left and asked you to make changes…

You didn’t.

So don’t come crying to me saying you love me and mean it.

You know if you really tried things could have been different.

In the silence I listened to you make a decision.

To let go, move on and keep living.

By our love you were no longer inspired

and our forever had expired.

20160410_193334-Erika Fuego

PS: Here is the poem you asked me to write about the guy that broke my heart. All along…. It was you.

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