We are ALL Beautiful


We all have rolls when we bend down.

The desire to shed a few pounds.
We have frizz in our hair.
Grays are not rare.
We have one breast larger than the other and the sickness of constantly comparing ourselves to one another.
We have a bra bulge.
We know if we gained weight and and we don’t need to you to remind us.
We have cellulite on our thighs when we sit and squeeze into body shapers that don’t really fit.
We have dimples on our butts and from the side we have a gut.
We spend lots of time putting on makeup because without it “we are not beautiful enough”.
We take hours to straighten our hair, spray tan if our skin is fair.
We have stretch marks on our breasts and stomach.
99% of the time most of us are on a diet.
We eat lots of salads and try to make time for the gym.
Try on a million outfits to find one we feel pretty enough to leave the house in.
Go shopping although we have a closet filled with clothes
and buy expensive face creams to help minimize wrinkles and make our skin glow.
We get manicures and pedicures to lift our spirits.
Eye lash extensions to improve our appearance.
We walk around in stilettos so you notice us when we walk by
only to ignore the comments made by guys that we pretend don’t make us feel good inside.
We kill ourselves in the process of being pleasing to the eye.
Just to feel attractive in this vain life.
We try to look like the girls in the magazines and silver screens
who have been photo shopped and done loads of plastic surgery.
Killing ourselves to attain a look that is make believe
because that is what society has deemed beauty.
But the beauty lies in the naturalness of women in real life.
The softness in our skin, the flip of our hair and shine in our eyes.
We are daughters, sisters, mothers and wives.
With jobs, school, goals, bills, children and very little time.
We are all different shades, different shapes and different size.
We are women. We are real. And we won’t be judged and categorized.
I am not beautiful like you and you are not beautiful like me.
But beautiful none the less we are and always will be.

-Erika Fuego

26 thoughts on “We are ALL Beautiful

    • that gave me goosebumps. I wrote it because i think all of us need a reminder. I struggle with body image. I am so glad i reminded you of your beauty. Thank you for reading. ❤

      • I love your style of writing. You are incredibly talented and beautiful.
        We think about ourselves a lot. We criticize ourselves a lot.
        And when you tend to put in too much of thought over a thing, you tend to depreciate it.

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