Mercury Retrograde is my bitch

Love this.


Ah, Mercury Retrograde I welcome thee.  Bringeth thy rest, thy regrouping, thy formidable look into my own darkness.  Thy intense stare into my own special ways of eloquently and elaborately mucking up my own existence. Yep, this is how I see Mercury Retrograde. It is my ally, my homie, my partner, a window into my own worst enemy and my own strongest and bravest ally.

Let’s just say I am learning to make the most of what the majority of the metaphysical world sees as a cosmic catastrophe. It assists, no insists that I look deep into myself, my behaviors, my shortcomings, my inability to resolve my own crap. I love it (she says with a gritted grin). Not only does it interrupt communication in the form of electronics, contracts, forward progression (allowing you a cosmic interlude to breathe), it also shows you ‘in your face’ how you communicate with…

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