These Inner Voices of Mine

warm listening

Inner voices tell me to live in fear

To cover my body

That I should do a boob job

I’ll never be thin enough

I’ll never be pretty enough

I’m not smart enough

I’m too clingy

Too possessive

Too impatient

Too demanding

Too much.

Inner voices tell me to crawl in to my bed and hide away

I’m weird

I’m crazy

Too talkative

Too hyper

I’m not a good enough singer

 Or writer

I’m not worthy of love

I’m too broken

Too insecure

Too damaged



No one really cares

What if there is no God

Maybe we’re all here by mistake

Just aimlessly, pointlessly, floating around

Living a life I don’t want to


Wake up

It’s just another day.

Inner voices tell me

I am a child of God

I am a Goddess

I chose to enter this realm

I am kindness

I am truth

I am compassion

I am empathy

I am friendship

I am love

I am beautiful

I am sensual

I am talented

I am unique

I am loved

I am magnificent






I am a wonderful writer

I am a beautiful singer

I am lovable

I am special

I am blessed




I see the world in a different way

We are all brothers and sisters

We are all one

There is a grander purpose behind all of it

There are no mistakes

We are all souls living a human experience

To ultimately know ourselves as a part of God

Because you see… We are God.

There is a war within me.

I’m confused.

Which one do I listen to?

-Erika Fuego

30 thoughts on “These Inner Voices of Mine

  1. We should all listen to the inner voice that says we are a child of God. I love the style of this poem–it really speaks to me and the reader in general.

  2. You are beautiful. Inner voices like to trick us. Make us believe we need more than we have. I hope all is going with you. Always a pleasure to read your poetry.

  3. I saw the famous Megachurch preacher Jesse Duplantis on TV tell how,before he started on a new project he was asked by his biological father, “How do you know it was God’s voice and not your own thoughts.” To which Jesse answered “When God speaks to you are you sure it is God every time? ” It was a rhetorical question, but the answer is the same for all of us.

  4. The inner voices are why we have booze Erika. The conflict stops and a little voice tells you that the bottle shop down the road has cheaper *insert drink of choice* and it’s great. Sorry, just teasing. The sad thing is that little voice is us.

  5. The little voices are only there to tempt us, show how faulty we are because we”ve let what other people do or look like get to us. What some don’t understand is that, change should take us to the bit where we are happy with ourselves and stop there instead of going on because we subcounsiously want to conform. We are all different and capable of so much if we didn’t let the outside influence us negatively. I liked the bit where you started with the positive after waking up. Sometimes all it takes is slepping on a thought and the next day is ok.

  6. Audreylexington hit it on the head,listen to her. However, you forgot the most important one. ” I am a seeker ” . Happy,sad,glad,bad that’s how seekers are. ANd the best part of being a seeker is that no one can ever blame you taking rersponsibility for being wrong, because no one knows for sure what you are trying to discover.

  7. I think we all have voices inside of us that want our undivided attention. My only question is if we are gods how is it that we are still questioning our existence?

  8. I think you have to listen to both; they’re both a part of you. But, try to follow the positive voice where it leads you–it is the realistic you. Try to leave the excessive self-criticism behind–it’s from your past. Not knowing you, I can only confirm that: “I am beautiful” and “I am a wonderful writer” are indeed true.

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