If you could see into me


If there was a window into me,

you would see the tracks of my tears,

the tears in my soul,

the cracks in my heart.

You would hear thoughts that are prayers,

and see that no matter my posture,

there are times my soul is on its knees.

You would see it, if you could see into me.

You would feel my yearning for love.

You would feel how badly I want to be wanted

for who I really am.

The beautiful & the ugly.

The truth, not the facade.

You would see my true intention,

to give love and receive love freely.

You would see I have no ulterior motive,

and you would never doubt me or question me.

You would know there is nothing I want but to love you.

If only you could see into me.

-Erika Fuego




27 thoughts on “If you could see into me

  1. I really appreciate in this how open you are with yourself, although you can feel the pain of how you search for something/someone that calls back to your heart’s cry. Truly beautiful poem, I love it.

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