I am… Love.

I am the longing in the distance between us.

I am the hands, which wipe away your tears.

I am the trust in our friendship.

I am the butterflies in your stomach on a first date.

I am the puckering of the first kiss, on your door step at the end of the night.

I am the phone call you’ve been expecting.

I am the contagious smile you share with me.

I am the peace in our sleep, the sweet words on a valentine card and the promise of our engagement.

I am the fear that there may be another better for you than me.

I am the brush of your finger tips on my skin.

I am the sweat that drips from your chest, and onto mine.

I am the sunrise that came up when we finally fell asleep.

Ā I am the stare you caught when you awakened.

I am the laughter in our inside jokes.

I am the blossoming of a dozen red roses.

I am a love song.

I am poetry.

I am the memories we made, the love we created and the love we share.

I am love.

-Erika Fuego


37 thoughts on “I am… Love.

  1. I would never have thought someone could so perfectly describe my emotions towards the one I love but here you are with this beautiful poem reading back to me my thoughts of her and her’s of me…Your heart must be very finely tuned to such matters.

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