Razor blade

Sometimes you’ve got to let it go.

You have to let go because holding on is too painful.

Or being forced to live makes you resentful.

This world is interrupting my peace.

Broken, incomplete and unworthy.

It’s not you, it’s me.

This thing called life is feeling so heavy.

The days feel so long and empty.

I keep telling myself it all has meaning.

That the world is filled with beauty.

But in reality, it’s all so ugly.

Ahead lies a journey with no map, no compass, no anything.

A slave to this body with far too many necessities.

I breathe in real slow and try to take it all in.

All the fear, the pain, and sin.

Awaiting my next life to begin.

Praying for forgiveness.

As I sit back and slit these wrists.

-Erika Fuego



25 thoughts on “Razor blade

  1. Really well done, extremely eloquent and insightful. My wife Amy, God rest her soul, went from slitting her wrists (she didn’t die then) to abusing alcohol over a prolonged period (she died in Nov. 2006 from damage caused by alcohol abuse). Instead of one quick, dramatic suicide, she opted for a long, gradual suicide that included suffering severe burns from falling drunkenly into a fire pit at a party and several trips to ER due to pancreatitis. So don’t the M*A*S*H theme song. Suicide is definitely NOT painless.

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