Betrayed by a guy with no last name.

 Looking at it now I don’t even know your last name.

I have no idea where you live, or the name of the company you told me you worked for.

I really know nothing about you but the exchange of small talk, smiles, chuckles and the way your lips felt against mine.

You disappeared and stole a chunk of me.

The part of me you made believe was special, that I was beautiful, and how I deserved someone great.

Funny how everything changed once you got what you wanted.

Now I feel used and stupid and hurt by someone I don’t even really know.

How can I allow a stranger to take away my self-worth?

I don’t know but here I am, sad, let down and alone.

Worse than how I was before.

Ashamed to have been betrayed by a guy with no last name.

-Erika Fuego


39 thoughts on “Betrayed by a guy with no last name.

  1. Haiku??. for Erika entitled, Hapnin’ evarwar’ evaday!!
    That name is Many
    You said your name was Blanca.
    So we’re even . . . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . . . (another one bites the dust) signed MEN-E

  2. Most women don’t know that there are ‘savvy’men who know what to say to any female to make them feel a need to give, to open up. Try this. for every friend that you have, dialogue in your mind what conversation would make them absoloutely fulfilled. Now go overboard with the praise. There you have it.

  3. This beautiful, sad piece is something I hope my precious nieces never have to write their own version of; why do you think I break the cornball “bro code” and let them read straight from our play book!

  4. If that was you my God how my heart hurts for you. If it was simply words then my God you can write your passion and emotion like few others…

  5. You underestimate your self. It’s because you are special that he was drawn to you in the first place. He just couldn’t handle all you are. It is he who is a fool.

  6. Erika, I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience, making you feel sad and having an impact on your self-worthiness. Unfortunately, bad experiences are ways part of our lives, but are always beneficial in some aspect… We’ll be learning from them, building up our personality, making us more experienced in life to cope with situations like the one you mentioned. It’s on us using those experiences as lessons, lessons for life that we can use to our advantage, to be more selective and protective in situations like those… I hope that you this experience is not causing to much damage, but enriches you to avoid future experiences of that sort…believe it our not, even men experience such things, and I personally did too… Strange, but yes it also happens to us!!! Un beso

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