I see you.

Yea sure, you see me but do you really see me? Can you see within me or do you see an illusion of me? If we all took a second to really see someone. Their heart. Their soul. To understand them. To understand their struggles. Their past. Their emotions. Their passions. Their thoughts. Their cries. Their story.

If we can see past the illusion and understand that we are all souls trapped in our bodies. Understand that the body is only a shell. That we are all made of the same three parts. That we are all connected. That we all chose to come to this planet to remember who we are at our core and advance to the next level of awareness. Understand that we are all part of the process and we are all on a journey to advance to the next dimension. To move into the highest realm where there is nothing but love and light. If we could all see past the illusion then maybe we could start sharing love and shedding light with each other right here and right now. The world would change in a minute. I look at you and I see you. My Gods and Goddesses. My brother. My sister.

Can you see me?


-Erika Fuego

34 thoughts on “I see you.

  1. You were a rock in a space, fighting against your image of yourself, you fell down in to the Sun, in to the Earth as a meteor, flash of light, in the ocean as a drop of hope,
    you melted down to yourself.
    You are you, I saw a part of you in me.

  2. It is sad we allow so few to see our real self. Being nude and allowing someone to see us in the real sense. We rarely allow anyone to see us for what we truly are. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

  3. This one’s especially meaningful for me. I’m still trying to figure out how to get through the fog to see what’s absolutely real, and not quite succeeding. Your poetry is sensual and melodic, y me encanta sus canciones (YouTube) tambien.

  4. I am glad you used the term “shell”, for that is all this outer body is. Although however attractive or repulsive it may be, it is NOT who we are!

    A wise man once told me “You don’t have a soul. You have a body. You Are a soul!”

  5. Hello, YOUNG Ms. VISUE’. I DO “See”, that mind calling to harness the “Goat’s” nostril flare. The fact that YOU have called as “siren” encephalon beckons the use of a sharper eye, a better focus.
    Yes, I ‘see’ you. The glorious shock of a physical joy smacking the Thalamus into recognition of PAY ATTENTION.
    (Thanks for stopping by.)

    • I stopped here the other eve to view someone that I’d thought I’d seen on GLEE. Then found an Adele song performed with an honesty. The bit I wrote expressed the fact that I saw the “something” that the mind expressed through the author’s fingers.
      I “saw” through the eyes of forty years of the toil of “stage-work”… the tech has had to learn to see where they are, and then the “NEXT”.

  6. Well worded. I do see people, but i pass through people like a ghost looking for a place to call home. If only more people saw the world the way you phrased it here, maybe i wouldnt need to wander as much as i do.

  7. I see you – your beauty, your brains, your soul and your sorrows. Beautiful. Just beautiful and so real. I see you for the light and love that you are made of; I see your hopes and dreams in each smile, the sorrow and the suffering that have etched lines of hardships endured and obstacles overcome. My soul sends light and love to yours.

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