Our Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a princess with ruby red lips and long black hair.

The princess was brokenhearted and her days were filled with despair.

She wished for a prince to rescue her with a kiss of his lips.

 She searched and searched but could not find

 the prince she dreamt of meeting all of her life.

One day the princess travelled to a faraway land,

And when she got off her carriage she was greeted by a man.

The man had a big smile and kind eyes,

He seemed nervous and pretty shy.

Despite the butterflies he still introduced himself and she smiled and said hi

The princess new right away that this just might be the guy.

They talked for a little and went for a ride.

Along her passenger side, they disappeared into the night.

They played, and laughed, and slid and swung.

And it wasn’t long before they both fell in love.

Sometimes, they fight, she cries and he screams real loud.

And other times it’s beautiful, its unconditional, it’s profound.

And so this is the story of how two complete strangers became lovers and the best of friends

And they lived happily ever after…

The end.

-Erika Fuego



24 thoughts on “Our Fairy Tale

  1. Great poem! I am such a lover of a good fairytale but I am still waiting for mine. He is there somewhere maybe on the train or my path to work. I will bump into him probably because I can be so graceful at times. Thanks for the follow.

  2. Nice Flow of writing,

    i like to add some lines

    emotions need to be avail,
    for a story to become a tale, its happen in life, of all female and male, and feeling get recpect , without fail

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