Only to Wither Away


As I cry

As my heart bleeds

As my soul weeps

I can hear the branches of the tree

scratching against my window

and crying with me

A tree, like I

who have grown so strong with time

moaning and scratching in agonizing pain

The sun is our necessity

but we’ve been burned by its rays

The rain drops fall

but too many have fallen

and now we’re drowning just the same

The leaves have fallen and formed paths to follow

but the grounds much to hollow

and I’m now paralyzed

much too patronized

from the winds blow to my face

so now I slow down until my heart decreases pace

Grew so beautifully

but only to wither away

Once stood tall but now bends against the window pain

Now I cry, bleed, and weep

as this tree slowly dies along with me

-Erika Fuego


29 thoughts on “Only to Wither Away

  1. This is incredibly powerful, I sort of got a wuthering heights vibe from it, but I think that may be the scratching branch against the window. Such excellent poetry.

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