“Forgive but Never Forget”


I can move on

but look back

and always recall

when I felt like I couldn’t.

I can pretend

That everything is fine

But in my mind

It will never be

what it used to be.

I will always question.

I will always doubt.

I will always remember

What we conveniently

don’t speak about.

I can pretend to forget

But in my heart

I have never truly forgiven.

-Erika Fuego


40 thoughts on ““Forgive but Never Forget”

  1. I first heard song “Forgiven, Not Forgotten” by The Corrs when I was a teenager. And it sounded like such a complex concept (even if the words, by themselves, were easy to understand) that I always carried the song with me as one of the more intelligent and philosophically open-ended product of pop music. 😀 You reminded me of that when I read this poem.

  2. Your lovely reflecting poem addresses a quandary that every human being has faced. I would challenge the subject to taste the liberation of forgiveness. And no, you never forget – but forgiveness enables you to pigeon-hole it and it becomes manageable. Well done.

  3. I think we CAN forget without forgiving, but I don’t think we can forgive WITH forgetting. But I completely get the gist of what you say in the poem. It’s not easy, and completely understandable.

      • Agreed. But when I tell people we should forgive everybody, I don’t mean we should remain in relationship with them. I had a friend for eighteen years. I forgive him COMPLETELY for what he did, but I still ended the friendship. And I made sure he can’t do those things again. For instance, I would easily forgive a dog for biting me, but I would never let it be around me again. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we should keep them in a position where they can harm us again.

  4. Awesome writing. I think that forgiveness is something all people struggle with and anyone brave enough to take on writing about it gets my up most respect. Great take on it.

  5. The thought hits you at random times as well. It can be nothing and the mind flashes to sonething. It may have been years but the pain that felt stays forever.

    Love this post and made me remember son thanks for that. 😉

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