Time (Romantic & Realist)


Time (Romantic)

 Time will make our love stronger,

Our love will grow fonder.

Time will help me understand you,

Time will show me how to love you.

Time will answer all

questions and ponders.

Time will clear all stormy weather

and mute all thunders.

Time brings trust,

honesty and truth.

Only time will tell

how I fell so deeply in love with you.

Time will bring stories to tell,

children to nurture,

families to build

and a brighter future.

A future that is not

temporary but forever.

After all,

you promise a lifetime

when you say I do.

Only time can prove

if our love is really true.

Time (Realist) 

Time will make love weaker and tear us apart.

Time will dull the light and fade with the spark.

Love grows old and reality hits heart.

Things always finish, differently than how they start.

Passion grows boring,

no rockets, no soaring,

no butterflies, no surprise.

No imperfections to hide, all is revealed with time.

Flowers die,

dates are dull,

love making stops,

and then you stop giving your all.

All stories have been told,

children grow old,

and forever is put on hold.

Beginners luck eventually fades,

Blonde hair eventually goes gray.

Memories are forgotten,

heart decreases pace.

Love is gone with time and don’t say it hasn’t

because its written all over your face. -Erika Fuego



30 thoughts on “Time (Romantic & Realist)

  1. “Things always finish, differently than how they start”
    I think each side resides within each other, and I believe it is all a matter of perspective. Love your poems, they come from a place of true feeling.

  2. Very beautifully written. I hope I remain a romantic for the rest of my life, I believe if your love is true you can be with same person forever. I really appreciated the romantic version.

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  4. great job at juxtaposing the two sides of the same coin.

    i think it is difficult for us to juggle the glamor of romance and realities of life..to keep loving that special one person….
    I believe it is the romantics who can keep the rose colored glasses on and they are the ones who can continue to see their beloveds in a special way and keep the realities of life aside. those fortunate ones manage to keep the fairy tale alive for themselves…lucky them!!

  5. Always two ways to look at things. Love is tender and easily broken. Wise people find silence when negative is near. Real life take sixty years and a lot of good and bad days. I like the set-up of the poem. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

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