Your Truth


Don’t get caught up in the ideologies forced upon by society, lessons taught in school and traditional values instilled in you by your family. Those are others thoughts, beliefs and principles that you’ve adopted and accepted as your own but they’re not yours. Someone else lived the experience, came to those thoughts and to that truth.

What is true to you? Who are you? What represents you as a person?  There should be only one consideration when making a decision… Is this a statement of who you are? Is it an announcement of who you choose to be? Go to your highest thought of yourself.  The grandest vision of yourself. Imagine if you would live it. What would you think, do and say? Is it how you are now? Can you see a difference? If so, it’s time to stop unconscious living. Be out of your mind. Listen to your senses. Listen to your soul. Your soul speaks with you through feeling. How do you feel about it? That’s how you know what is true for you. Create your own truth.  – Erika Fuego



29 thoughts on “Your Truth

  1. Great quote, awesome poem as well. You’re entirely correct. I love how you said, “Listen to your soul. Your soul speaks with you through feeling. How do you feel about it? That’s how you know what is true for you.” ❤

  2. So Marcus Aurelius wasn’t only a “philosophy emperor”, but he also was a very early constructivist. I actually didn’t know that. I also think that things and “truths” around us are constructed by other people. So we shouldn’t just accept everything people tell us. Let’s make our own experience, then put the stuff we learned together and create a truth and world philosophy ourselves, won’t we? 🙂

  3. Yes, the personal myth is imperative, I agree with Verucca Vulgaris. But where does this materialize from? I would say that the True personal myth is born out of the most intense unconscious portion of us, our dreams. But it is a complicated process. Could we really say that this is the pathway to being ourselves, for after all the narratives of the night are not actually personal, we share them, the same way that we share narrative constructs to tell an anecdote, put otherwise, the story of our life. Does this limit our originality?

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  5. There is alot of wisdom here…BUT when is self-perspective also crossing the line into self-ishness? When do our needs take precedence over others? Is hurting others justified by personal survival? I believe too much deviation from the protocols of life can send us into a path of irreversible pain.

      • I think each should try to recognize the Truth…. I don’t have a separate truth. That’s a myth of existentialism. There is one truth. I can seek that…. Or embrace the ignorance of self-delusion. Of course… I am free to reject Truth once and live whatever myth I chose to believe. But I personally prefer to differentiate Truth from myth….

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