Faith and Hope


she never lost faith.

she never lost hope.

sure sometimes it was harder.

sometimes she was lonely

and at times felt that she couldn’t carry on.

but she did.

every single time.

she knew she was too strong to give up.

and worked too hard to throw it all away.

her shadow was empty as the depths of her soul.

her tears ran deep within the frown lines and wrinkles upon her face.

her feet were weary and tough, from walking alone.

her body wasn’t the way it was before.

she wasn’t the way she was before.

she was growing older and it didn’t become any easier.

now she was betrayed

now she was deceived

now she was mistreated

and cheated and robbed of herself.

of her smile, of her innocence, and her undying love.

but not her faith.

not her hope.

she says she’s lost it

but every once in a while she smiles.

she smiles and this beauty radiates from deep within

and shines through her shiny almond eyes.

thats when i know its still there.

her sage

her creativity

her passion

brings to life a new person that is dying to come out

and will stay only if she lets it.

only if she endures it all

and doesn’t start again

but just continues on.

continues on as she has every single time

with her faith and her hope.

I love you, mom.

don’t give up.

love, Erika

28 thoughts on “Faith and Hope

  1. A vivid portrayal of a relationship… distance and closeness… a desire. passion indeed. There is so much power and love in these emotions. 🙂

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