Only You


One thought

One kiss

Triggers the mind & forgets all consequence

One nibble

One lick

Marked necks & sore lips

Eyes shut tight

Bodies held close

Loss all will to fight

Unreachable music notes

Curling toes & trembling thighs

Sun down to sun rise

Unforgettable passion

Uncontrollable attraction

Bite marks & deep scratches

Tearing off clothes as if it were a sexual assault

The bodies necessity

the conscience has no fault

Our lips clash & our bodies embrace

Feigning like a starved animal locked in a cage

Breathing deeply and moans with rage

For I am the predator and you are my prey

Bodies intertwined

Hands and toes fold

Sweat drip drops

My hands are at your throat.

Dirty thoughts

Dirty mouth

Slammed on the floor

Turned around

Backs arched

Screams and shouts

Turned on and turned out

Legs wide open and knees on the ground

Bodies understood

All spots are found

No one gets me the way you do

Only you know how

– Erika Fuego

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