Resuscitation: Part I & II



Dormant inside

Patiently waiting

Subconsciously hoping

For this far-fetched love to come sweep me off my feet

Fill me with affection, hatred, passion and desire

Stimulate my senses

Get lost in him & lose track of time

 something to think about

something to dream about

So I can awaken and no longer dormant but more alive than ever before.-Erika Fuego

Resuscitation revaluation:

I used to think drama would resuscitate me….

Seal the voids, saturate the silence and fill the empty spaces inside me.

I thought a little fire would reignite my life.

But after a while the fire started burning, so hot I wasn’t sure whether it was burning hot or turned to ice.

My patience ran out, I started to doubt and found what I suspected.

Certainly swept of my feet but he didn’t catch me, he knew I’d hit the ground any second but turned around and neglected, not even tempted to save me.

My patience ran weary, the desire grew dreary and the passion was only passionate in the beginning.

Yes, my senses were stimulated, my nerves damaged my brain imbalanced and now I don’t know how to manage my own will.

Days turned to weeks, to months, too fast but felt as if time were standing still.

I lost myself in him and then I lost myself through him, and now I cant find myself and fear my favorite part of me is lost forever.

Imprisoned by his game, betrayed and ashamed, some of my worst times have been times we spent together.

I thought he’d bring me back to life but I couldn’t’t feel anymore dead.

I don’t want the drama; just bring me back the kind of love you die for, not fight for and I’ll never take it for granted again.-Erika FuegoImage


13 thoughts on “Resuscitation: Part I & II

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  2. Saturate the silence. This work is phenomenal, I really liked it. We’ve all had that exact same lost love – I always drew the line at the fighting. I can fight another woman but I couldn’t fight HIM for his attention.

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