Someone you forgot


Can you fill me up if I’m feeling empty?

Could you? It sure would be nice thing to do…

Because the days are so cold, the skies are so dull and at night I feel so alone.

Sitting at home, looking out my window, hoping you’ll show

But there’s no knock at my door, no texts in my inbox and no ringing from my phone.


I’m sinking is silence.

I’m soaking in sadness.

My skin is pruning waiting for you

But I continue waiting cause I don’t know what else to do.

My eyes red, my Dutch gutted, my wine glass filled to the top.

I guess you can call that a wasted heart.

I fell apart when we fell apart.

You said you loved me but you must have forgot

Cause the days are turning to months

And you’re still gone but my love is not.

So my heart continues to rot.

But you go ahead and leave this void you left and don’t catch my fall.

I’m sure you’re busy and I must be asking for a lot.

– Erika Fuego


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