Our Pretty Little Dramas


Its kind of cute.

This drama we construct in our lives.

Think about your life 1 year ago.

3 years ago.

5 years ago.

It’s almost like a dream.

A memory so distant you only remember bits and pieces.

Think about when you couldn’t pay your rent.

When you fought with your best friend.

When you were heart broken.

How you cried, how you fought, how you suffered.

Now it doesn’t even matter.

You’ve forgotten about the pain.

At 23 years old this is my biggest lesson so far.

Nothing matters.

Everything is temporary.

The highs and the lows.

The best day of your life will soon be a memory and the hardest day will soon fade away.

It’s all an illusion.

Live your illusion.

But just know 10 years from now it won’t even matter.

So laugh, cry, scream, hate, love, and dream.

Enjoy your dramas.

But just know that this one like all the others will soon pass. -Erika Fuego



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