How about this?


You keep telling me you want to protect me. From what? … I’m not sure.  You claim you’ll climb a mountain for me, cross the ocean for me, give me the world, the stars, the moon and everything in-between.  How about I continue to protect myself as I have my entire life and instead you guard my heart and make sure it doesn’t break on your watch.

How about you keep your moon and your world & just make me your only girl.  Don’t go away if I push you away. Stay the night if I ask you to stay. Answer my call when I call. Catch me as I fall in love & love the way I love. Be there when I need you. Appreciate the things I do for you. Find me beautiful at my worst. Dry my tears when I’m hurt. Give me the respect and loyalty I deserve & want me the way you wanted me at first. -Erika Fuego


31 thoughts on “How about this?

  1. Wow …. is this aimed at someone? “Give me the respect and loyalty I deserve & want me the way you wanted me at first.” – beautiful!

      • Does the person you wrote this for realise that it is about him? Sometimes relationships are messy and hard and at times you feel lost, but relationships change you as a person. If you come out of a relationship feeling as though you have grown a little as a person, you are one step closer to finding the person who will love you for you, because you have stepped one step closer to loving yourself!

      • wow, that is a great way of looking at it and i haven’t thought of it that way. Yea he knows, i read it for him when i wrote it. I wrote this months ago but haven’t posted it until now. i would like to thank you for your comment because its not working between he & i & i see things a little more clearer after reading your what you wrote. Thank you!

      • I’m glad to have helped you as being on love can be a crazy thing, and it often feels as though you are walking through a thick fog! I know you will find true love one day, but remember (in the words of Stephen Chbosky) you only accept the love you think you deserve and you ALWAYS deserve the best! Thank you for stopping by and whenever you fancy a chat just drop a comment! Your work is brilliant and I wish you the very best! 🙂

  2. Erica, this is beautiful! I am in a relationship with a man that feels that way about me. I am a very lucky woman indeed! Thank you for sharing!

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