This soul of mine


I have lived a thousand lives, in countless forms and numerous spaces in this vast universe.

I have died with honor, I have killed a crime of passion, I have been an addict and a queen.

I have lived with great grace and survived in the wilderness.

I was Cleopatra at the start of her empire.

I was Aphrodite in her longest most lustful and passionate act.

I was Marilyn Monroe in her euphoric intoxication and the inspiration in John Lennons guitar.

I have felt all kinds of joy and experienced all kinds of darkness.

I have been the blossoming of pink petals on a warm summer breeze.

I have been the withering and decay of the tallest tree.

I was a pirate, a warrior and the deepest cry of a slave.

I’ve flown freely throughout bright orangey skies and lived as an owl watching over the night.

I have spent night after night on the very top of a mountain howling at the moon.

And in each life remembering who I am by forgetting all my past.

I was the entrance of a love spell and the peak of infatuation.

I was once the highest, most powerful, supreme whitch and the cleverest gypsy wearing the golden anklet.

I’ve been the glimmer of a tiny star & the blue of the deepest ocean.

This soul of mine lives on forever more.

Although at times I can’t see it.

A part of me knows it.

And even in the midst of a storm when I curse the gift of life and feel that God has forsaken me, I wait.

The storm soon passes and I choose life again.

For I am the storm. I am the rainbow. I am God.

I am life.


38 thoughts on “This soul of mine

  1. Aloha dear sister goddess, I appreciate your follow of my blog at Tara’s Well and absolutely love your stark honest yet beautiful way of writing. Im so happy we have crossed digital paths. ❤

  2. Interesting archetypal journey. The unconscious world of images and symbols emerges unhindered. I enjoyed it. My thoughts are that each symbol each manifestation of the soul offers insight and understanding when truly embraced. This is the work of self-actualisation bringing the unconscious aspects of ourselves in conscious awareness.

  3. Normally sites as yours I preceive as a form of spam. Selling sex, selling something. Perhaps in reality a Fat Gal sitting in a prison somewhere for life for murder who somehow has gained access to the net via a computer. The strange and who say who they are, is many times, far from the reality of those who hit these keys of possible continous lies. I was taken with the beauty of the site with your picture as well as the video of you singing your song. It was very beautiful. Twice I elected to make an exception in Reblogging your blog, but for some reason it would not take in the normal way that every other video I have ever downloaded to my blog sites. I have reached a stage in life, that my Passion now reaches many levels in my life. My Passion for wife of 25 years. There is no woman that matches in beauty and especially in just simple brain power. Their is my Passion for my country. There is my Passion in my Love for my Lord who loved me at a terrible time in my life when there was no one there for me. Your beauty brought many great memories of the passions I recall in my youth. For that I thank you. You also reminded in that area that I am no dead yet. Blessings in your journey,

    • Thank you very much John. I’m very happy to have shed some of my light on you. You are a beautiful soul. I look forward to reading your poetry. Blessings to you as well my brother.

  4. I really like this poem, it is incredible and speaks to something deep inside me. I love this line “cleverest gypsy wearing the gold anklet.” Such perfect detail!

  5. “I was once the highest, most powerful, supreme which and the cleverest gypsy wearing the gold anklet.”…

    Maybe you were…and maybe you are still that now. 🙂

    You also exhude that kind of generous femininty which is rare these days 😉

    Erika…any Swedish connection?



    • Hmmm,

      Funny you caught on to that and you don’t even know me. Yes, i think i am still that. I’ve always said I’m a gypsy, a witch and a love goddess. Not Swedish but Spain. How did you know? I feel kind of drawn to you. Is that weird?

      • Miami seems to be a cool place. I was there once before embarking on cruise ship.

        I live in Stockholm Sweden.

        I know without “knowing”, – meaning that I don´t rely on my “mundane” experience – but go deeper into realms of being where things are far more interesting. Where Logic and Reason are just suspended.

        True being, the Myths, Art and True Participation with “the other” happens in that realm.

        I don´t find Ego and surface exciting.

        In Fear there is no spontaneity, no true emotion.

        Fear and the emotions connected to it are simply treacherous.

        Fear is the obstacle which veils these inner realities – and I think you might know what I am talking about.

        So courage is required to see through and transcend Fear, in order to skilfully connect with those levels.

        So from those levels I am now writing to you.

        From those ineffable levels where your true skills and artistic talent arise.

      • wow, Julien you truly are a very interesting person. You have a very high level of awareness & i am very impressed. I understand exactly what you’re talking about. My knowing is my intuition, my subconscious or even super conscious. The subtle vibrations of different dimensions or realms that you cant see but feel. I don’t find ego or surface exciting either. To me, all of life is an illusion.

      • It is maybe an illusion, but, after all, a very interesting one. 🙂

        So bring forth the gypsy in you, that crazy and relentlessly deep and powerful femininity in joy.

        Try a sort of Flamenco intense singing and dancing, bring forth the ecstasis in you! That´s your true magic!

        PS I don´t know, but when you are in your true Self, you are such an inspiration…I would have loved to see you in real life, but we are so damn far away.

      • aww i am so touched. Thank you sop much. you are a beautiful so & I’m glad to have met you even if through typed words. You inspire me. Maybe one day, we will meet in person. You never know. 🙂

  6. Hi. Very beautifully written. Flows effortlessly. Has much passion, drama, emmotional highs and lows. I can relate and felt I was there with you. (P.S. Check your spelling of “witch.” Dont worry. I mis-spell all the time.)

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