How’d you do it mom?


Another day another dollar, oddly enough your bank accounts keep getting smaller.

Your dreams feel further. Your ambitions weaker.

So you have to work harder but your bills are getting larger, your kids are getting bigger, and life’s just not what you envisioned.

It’s so hard isn’t?

The seasons keep on changing and days keep on passing with no real significance.

Deep down you still believe but your ideas seem so unrealistic.

So even when a shooting star passes you don’t bother with wishes.

Your romanticism has turned to realism.

You open yourself up and they keep putting you down so you are now completely closed off and pessimistic.

Their narcissism has sabotaged your optimism.

It’s a shame isn’t?

You walk around starring at the ground; it makes no difference if it’s raining or sunny.

Cause in your mind there’s this fog that’s clouding all inspiration and you feel like your living for nothing.

If it wasn’t for that alarm clock you wouldn’t get out of bed but the rent has to be paid and the kids have to be fed so at 7:00 am, there it goes again.

The struggle.

You stick to the schedule.

Carry on like everything’s casual.

Like your hearts not broken, like you’re not exhausted, like you’re not lonely, like your life’s not tainted, you still look at me with a smile.

I just don’t get how you faked it all along?

How you did it all alone and got it all done?

How you made me into the woman I’ve become?

You must be a super hero huh?

Tell me…

 How’d you do it mom?

– Erika Fuego

8 thoughts on “How’d you do it mom?

  1. Hi Erika, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We look forward to exploring yours. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! If you’re on facebook, we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page as well. See you there!

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