The Broken Girl


The Broken Girl

She felt an emptiness. A Brokenness. A feeling of incompleteness. She always did. Ever since she was a little girl she felt trapped. She saw the world & it seemed so vast, so cold that she wanted nothing more than to not be a part of it. Even at such a young age she understood that there was so much more to life than this.

She couldn’t understand why she was here. She knew she didn’t belong. Sometimes, she forgot and smiled and laughed and loved. But other times she felt this universe was so gigantic and she felt so small in it. Insignificant. She looked at everyone and everything around her and felt torn between the beauty of it all and at war with the senseless of it all. Your picket fence, your car, your relationships, your triumphs, your struggles, the beginnings, the endings, the births, the deaths… what was it all for? What was the purpose? She felt as though life was a play. All of us playing our parts but what afterwards? What happens when the curtains are drawn? It seemed illogical. Irrelevant. Redundant.  She only cared for one thing and that one thing was everything and that was love. She yearned for love. But not just any love. True, unconditional love. But she saw herself so defective that she thought she was not worthy of this love. But still, she searched for it. She knew it was the only thing that can fill the abyss that ran so far down within her. But each time she fell in love, she loved with all of herself and lost herself and when that love betrayed her, hurt her and left her she was yet again reminded of her unworthiness, her emptiness and her brokenness broke a bit more.-Erika Fuego

24 thoughts on “The Broken Girl

  1. Simply beautiful. Ironic that I read this today. It definitely speaks to the fractured soul some of us carry around. Namaste ❤

  2. Powerful piece. Marilyn was a good illustration – but how many of us have had these very same feelings – until we discover in the depths of our beings that we our own selves are love and in loving ourselves we love the world and that love can fill us with light and joy. As you do so well.

  3. An ever present yearning… an open wound…. an insatiable hunger…. an obsessive need….. A living, thinking, feeling, void. Are humans capable of unconditional love? Maybe a few. We are on the same quest, my friend. Great post!

  4. You write with so much of your heart, I feel as though you are giving me a window to see directly into it. I, too, am humbled. Food for the soul. Thank you!

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