God doesn’t punish but I do suffer when I continue to relive the same experiences. If I re-choose the circumstances that damage me, I face consequences but that is of my own doing due to the choices I make and the realities I’m pursuing. God does not have an agenda or rules for me to follow; he gave birth to my life and the free will to decide how I want to live.

He watches over me but doesn’t judge what I do or did. He loves me at my best; he loves me at my worst, for I was created in his image so even at my worst I am perfection. There is no such thing as sin, we are all his creation, to doubt us would be to doubt him so I separate myself from illusion and am grateful to be a part of all of it. A divine part of the divine. It all starts to make sense with time. To choose the action love sponsors because fear is a figment of the mind. So I live with no expectations and leave all doubt behind. God does not create my circumstances, he watches over them. I talk to him all the time and he even talks to me when I’m not talking to him. Through the next song I hear, the next feeling I feel, the plot of the next movie I see, the article in the next paper I read, the next stranger I meet, the utterance of the person standing in line behind me, my dreams, my thoughts, through it all… The sorrow and the joy he’s always with me, even if I don’t want to listen, I have no choice because he is always speaking… he is my inner voice. If only you saw yourself through God’s eyes, you would see that you are the most beautiful, magnificent being in this universe. You would see what your soul is really worth. Maybe then you would love yourself and value yourself as much as God does. What if I told you my God is our God? And if my God is your God and your God is mine, wouldn’t that make us Goddess’s and Gods? Wouldn’t that make us bothers and sisters? Can you love me like your sister? Could you accept all your brothers and sisters? Can you pass no judgment and share only light and love? Can you see no wrong in all creation just as God does??? Or is the idea of an all loving, unconditional, inconsequential, undemanding, God too much? And if it is ask yourself how you could ever love unconditionally if God can’t unconditionally love us? -Erika Fuego


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