All of him

All of him

All of him

She watched him as he lied there. She couldn’t help but imagine how good it would feel if she lied her body over his. Her softness against his hardness. Her heart against his. Racing, jumping, throbbing, aching… about to explode.

She envisioned his kiss. His lips parting and coming together wet and warm. His tongue in her mouth. His large, rough hands touching her body. All over her body. Their energies mixing, their bodies intertwining. She can feel her panties moisten and her body began to quiver with the thought of him inside of her. She wanted nothing more than to be one with him. To sink into his quick sand and explore the haunches, curves and dimensions of his wonderland. The beauty marks, the freckles, the scars on his armor looked so beautiful to her. She wanted it all. All to herself. She was dying to breathe his breath. To inhale it. To feel so high from it that nothing can bring her back down. She felt an inner stirring to hold him ever so gently until the urge became so strong that she would hold him tighter and tighter and with each passing second the desire grew, like a wild fire growing and spreading rapidly and dangerously. Out of control. She wanted him so bad that she felt she could never be the same unless she had him. All of him.- Erika Fuego


8 thoughts on “All of him

  1. Wow that is how I feel about Gerard Butler but those guys have the women have their age and models too so what can you do? It’s been a very long time since I felt like mingling body fluids with anyone. Kind of forgotten what it’s like.

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