Life is beautiful.

If you’ve ever…

missed someone

been lied to

cried all night

loved someone who didn’t love you back

been made fun of











Life is terrible.

If you’ve ever

Had a first kiss

Played with a puppy

Eaten something delicious

Had an orgasm

Cuddled all night

Got high

Laughed till you cried

Shared a smile with a stranger

Fell in love

Felt needed

Blasted the stereo

read a good book

Looked into the eyes of a baby

Did something for someone 

Watched a movie that took you away

Looked up at the night sky

Received a compliment

felt appreciated

gave love

received love

Life is wonderful.

Life is a little terrible & a little wonderful.

If life weren’t terrible sometimes, you would not know wonderful.

If life felt wonderful all the time you wouldn’t know how wonderful, wonderful really is.

The secret lies in knowing  that even the terrible is wonderful.

All of it is beautiful.

-Erika Fuego


I choose love.


I once read that all human thought, act, and deed are an extension of one of two emotions, love or fear.

I am at a cross way where I am faced to make a decision and choose a path.

I am 2 weeks pregnant.

I could choose to abort and continue to live my life the way I am living now.

Single, working full time, school full time, working part time on the weekend, getting by paying my bills and rent, independent, going from relationship to relationship and striving towards my goals.


I could choose to give life to the life growing inside of me. Nurture and love a child. See my seed develop and grow. Have someone who will always be by my side. Have someone who will always be a part of me and will help me experience a different part of myself and experience life in a new way.

It will be easier to attain my goals without a child.  It will be easier to find a man as a single woman with no children. It will be easier to get by without the expense of a child.



 I believe this child will drive me even harder to attain my goals. I believe a good man will know a good woman when he sees her and I also believe this child will push me to make more, to be more, and that I will provide my child everything I was fortunate enough to have growing up.

I once heard nothing occurs without a reason evaluated and approved by God.

I believe this is God sent.

I believe this is a blessing.

I know I will be a wonderful mother. I know this child will bring my family closer together. I know my life will be filled with inspiration and purpose and love.

This child will be my greatest love.

And so I choose the action love sponsors.

I choose life.

I choose God.

I choose love.

-Erika Fuego


Betrayed by a guy with no last name.

 Looking at it now I don’t even know your last name.

I have no idea where you live, or the name of the company you told me you worked for.

I really know nothing about you but the exchange of small talk, smiles, chuckles and the way your lips felt against mine.

You disappeared and stole a chunk of me.

The part of me you made believe was special, that I was beautiful, and how I deserved someone great.

Funny how everything changed once you got what you wanted.

Now I feel used and stupid and hurt by someone I don’t even really know.

How can I allow a stranger to take away my self-worth?

I don’t know but here I am, sad, let down and alone.

Worse than how I was before.

Ashamed to have been betrayed by a guy with no last name.

-Erika Fuego


Make Love

 I want to sink into you & make your body my home.

You fit perfectly inside me, as if it were where you belong.

Two individual souls become one.

Our hearts beating fast & strong like drums.

I’m losing air, breathe your breaths into my lungs.

Kiss & touch me everywhere, part my thighs with your tongue.

The back board thumps louder and louder like the bass in a song.

Go harder and harder, as deep as you can, I can’t get enough.

Lift me up, throw me down.

Arch my back, turn me around.

Fill me up and leave me numb.

I come alive when we make love.

-Erika Fuego

800 empire of passionPDVD_024

I see you.

Yea sure, you see me but do you really see me? Can you see within me or do you see an illusion of me? If we all took a second to really see someone. Their heart. Their soul. To understand them. To understand their struggles. Their past. Their emotions. Their passions. Their thoughts. Their cries. Their story. If we can see past the illusion and understand that we are all souls trapped in our bodies. Understand that the body is only a shell. That we are all made of the same three parts. That we are all connected. That we all chose to come to this planet to remember who we are at our core and advance to the next level of awareness. Understand that we are all part of the process and we are all on a journey to advance to the next dimension. To move into the highest realm where there is nothing but love and light. If we could all see past the illusion then maybe we could start sharing love and shedding light with each other right here and right now. The world would change in a minute. I look at you and I see you. My Gods and Goddesses. My brother. My sister.

Can you see me?


-Erika Fuego

Hopeless Romantic


They say a realist is a frustrated romantic. Maybe, that’s true.

I am a romantic; A hopeless one.

I believe falling in love turns a gray sky blue.

 It makes music lively, visuals vibrant, food richer, smells intoxicating.

 Infatuation is a mind-altering state.

It enhances your senses, your mood, and your life.

 Falling in love brings you to life.

 Love is the only medicine for a broken heart.  It’s the only emotion that can conquer hate. It has the power to transform you, change you and make you grow faster and more effective than anything else.

But what happens when you fall in love, you build your world around someone, you make them your everything and then they leave you?  Then, you’re left with nothing, right?

Then, it’s the opposite effect.  Your blue sky is gray. Music is noise, visuals are dull, food is bland and smells are pungent.  The heart ache breaks you down. It’s like an anchor pulling you down.

It sucks the life right out of you.

Is it worth it? Laying your heart on the line; is it worth the risk?

If your happiness rests on someone they have the power to take it away. They have the ability to destroy your happiness.

 I just won’t give anyone that power anymore.

But as I write the words, I know before I even complete the sentence that it’s not true.

I will love again, I will break again and then love again.

That’s what hopeless romantics do.

-Erika Fuego



Me singing Adele- Someone Like You

You were my greatest love and no matter how many times i sing this song, I know i will never find another like you. Sorry, i couldn’t hold back the tears.
I miss you and I love you.
I always will.

Coming Down Off You


One hit was all it took; you’ve got me hooked

And how could I resist once I know how it feels to feel like this?

All week I walk but tonight I fly

Higher and higher every time

My eyes rolling back, my jaw shakes, my body’s cold

I lost myself for a few moments

& may have misplaced my soul…

I think you may have it

Or maybe it was lost in the music

Overwhelmingly infatuated

My pupils’ dilated

These lights are bright but these corners are dark

You walked in the room and captured my heart

Take it, break it, do what you want

You seem just as love struck, what are you on?

Has my spell hit you yet?

Grab a lollipop, here’s a cigarette

I know your drifting in and out but you won’t forget

Come sit with me; let me massage your chest

Whisper in your ear, kiss on your neck

Touch you all over; blown up by my caress

Things are a bit hazy but your beauty is radiant

I may be a bit numb but your lust is a stimulant

So, stimulate my senses

I may OD but ill take my chances

The vibe enhances

The temperature rises


Lose yourself in feeling

All your lies are worth believing

Tell me your secrets, if you’re willing

Your expressions are interesting

Your way is intriguing

Tell me more, I’m listening

Can’t seem to get enough

Coming down on your love

I let you take advantage

Make your move, do your damage

Take me home

I’ll let you have it

-Erika Fuego


“Too Much Pride”

I let you go but I’m the one hurting inside

Too much pride

Too much pride to call you (even though I’m dying to)

Too much pride to cry

Too much pride so I deny that I love you

Too much pride, so I lie, and say I don’t care about you

Too much pride for you to catch me staring at you

so, I have you tattooed inside my mind

Too much pride for you to think you’re special to me, so I tell you you’re worthless

Too much pride, so I tell you your tears are meaningless

Too much pride, so I walk away when you speak

Too much pride…

Well, the jokes on me.

-Erika Fuego


Life is a Journey with no GPS

There is nothing you have to be, do are have.

There is no one you have to be other than who you are right now, in this moment.

You have enough money.

You have enough love.

You have enough time.

Stop feeling like there’s not enough.

Stop waiting for your next promotion, waiting for you to lose 10 pounds and waiting for Friday to come around.

Stop waiting to live your life.

You are perfect, just as you are, right here, right now.

Take a second to remember who you were 5 years ago.

Are you proud of the person you’ve become?

Every day, every moment, you are evolving, you are changing, you are transforming.

Life is not a race or a destination.

It’s just a beautiful, terrible, wonderful journey and there is nothing to to do but live it.

-Erika Fuego